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I realized I have a rather large collection of Irish and Scottish music from when I was trying to do Celtic Studies before.  So, I decided to launch a Celtic Internet radio station in order to share these songs with anyone else who might be interested.

There’s a pretty good mix that includes a plethora of styles, a grand variety of instrumentation, and a fair amount of what the Irish refer to as lilting but the Scots call mouth music (puirt-a-beul). For anyone who’s interested in other languages, a lot of it — and I mean A LOT — is in Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

I want to try to keep this station as non-commercial as possible so, if you like what you hear, please consider supporting it financially by signing up for a VIP membership or clicking through to buy albums or MP3’s. If I can more than break even on this, I plan to use some of the excess funds to buy even more albums and upgrade my hosting plan with Live365 to allow more storage and more listeners.

If there’s something you’d like to hear more often, please let me know. Same goes for anything you’d like to hear less. And if you’re an independent artist who plays this style of music and want to get your songs heard, just hit me up on my website.  I’ll send you contact info to forward your MP3’s to, and if I like them I may occasionally add them to the mix.

Slán agus cairdeas,